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Thistle Medical Training & Services Ltd


We are a licenced Association of First Aiders(AoFA) Health and Safety provider.

The AoFA is the UK's largest organisation supporting over 2,000 first aiders, first aid trainers and first aid training providers.

We are providers of numerous courses which have been tried and tested throughout the world. These courses have been given authorisation by large medical organisations .

Standard First Aid, CPR & AED UK edition has been compiled by British Paramedic Association with endorsement from the First Aid Forum of the Association of Chief Police Officers, and corresponds to HSE First Aid at Work syllabus.

All our instructors are trained in their profession, including Paramedics, Firefighters, Childcare Specialists and First Aiders. As well as knowledge, our team can share their extensive experience with our students.

We are based in Fife but are very mobile, therefore able to meet your requirements when and where you need a course.

Our Managing Director works as a Freelance Paramedic and is currently involved with the UK's top private ambulance companies. He is currently on deployment with an Ambulance Service NHS Trust contractor in England and has recently been involved with the European PGA Tour working for Medic 1 who are based in North Wales. We can deploy on short-term contracts and at short notice. Call for details.

Brian is Also the Chief Ambulance Officer of Knockhill Racing Circuit and runs the ambulance side of the on-site medical team.